Prostate Cancer

One in four American men now have prostate cancer by age 50. Thirty-eight thousand have their prostates removed by surgery or radiation, and 40,000 men die from prostate cancer each year.

Is this inevitable? Is this and enlarged prostates in 80% of American men just part of aging for the male? No, most of the world has no significant prostate problems. What are we doing to cause this epidemic?

Cancer occurs in the prostate when groups of cells are stagnating without fresh blood, which is in pH balance and free of toxins. This is the result of a variety of causes, including poor circulation from physical and emotional tightness in the area, and from poor circulation generally, but mainly from toxins in the blood and tissue. The prostate, like other reproductive organs, functions as a filter to protect the sperm from parental toxins, so it is more susceptible to toxic overload than other areas of the body.

With the high level of toxicity prevalent in our urban living, including toxins from food and water, parasites and dental amalgams, the prostate seems the most vulnerable male organ, resulting in our high percentage of enlarged and cancerous prostates.

With restored circulation from bodywork, prostate massage and cleansing/pH balancing the blood supply, the prostate will return to health very quickly.