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  • Progesterone_Menopause_Woman

    Successful Outcomes

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    Following are unsolicited testimonial letters & two brief videos from informed women (& men), who since 1995, have chosen Serenity Progesterone Cream.

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    Sleep, Insomnia: What to do…


    Not one of us can function well if we do not achieve deep, Phase IV sleep…

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  • Organic Progesterone Cream Women's Health

    Progesterone, Progestogen, Progestins: All the Same?

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    Confusion arises when one word is regularly used to refer to…

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    • Foods_Progesterone_Libido_Women
    • Libido_Progesterone_couple

    Libido & Natural Progesterone

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    The Female Body manufactures many types of Estrogen but only one Progesterone and Natural Progesterone is…

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    • fertility_progesterone_couple

    Fertility & Natural Progesterone


    The term progesterone is given its name because of…

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