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PMS Symptoms & Progesterone

PMS Symptoms & Progesterone
February 2, 2018 Writing Department
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PMS Symptoms

PMS encompasses more than 150 different symptoms, although, thankfully, no Woman experiences them all.

When one considers how common the symptoms of PMS are in “technologically advanced” cultures, (somewhere between 80% and 90% of all menstruating women between the ages of 20 and 50 experience regular symptoms of PMS), the conclusion might be drawn that women (and their mates) are destined to suffer.

However, because there are numerous cultures among whom this condition is non-existent and unknown, if you struggle with PMS, the question arises:

What is different in my culture?

A careful comparison reveals that diet, stress and xenoestrogens (foreign estrogens), found in meat/dairy, personal care & household cleaning products, are the primary contributors to this disorder.  Exposure to these environmental chemicals and/or feeling overwhelmed by stress creates too much estrogen and impedes the production and utilization of natural progesterone.

The observable symptoms generally include all or some combination of:

Address the causes of PMS by managing stress and replacing the chemicals that interfere with hormone balance with products that are plant-sourced, ergo safe & therapeutic.

While identifying & avoiding the myriad of harmful chemicals in the environment, the other half of what is needed is a properly formulated organic progesterone cream, one free of petro-chemicals, free of Chinese progesterone and free of Genetically Modified Ingredients (GMO-free) one that, since 1995, has proven to be the safest and most effect choice for The Informed Woman…

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