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April 29, 2018 Writing Department
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A Letter from Sheila S.

Hysterectomy Prevention

Dear Health & Science,

I used the Serenity cream for over four months after I was diagnosed with abnormal Endometrial cells.

My Doctor insisted I get a hysterectomy. His reasoning that I was 48 years old, had three children, no plans for more and the cells could end up cancerous. I told him I wanted to use the cream for a few months and then have another biopsy. He became quite angry with me saying “Why don’t you just do what I say?!” and he went on to say that the cream could not be regulated and would not help me.

Before the biopsy this first doctor had recommended HRT for me.

Needless to say, I switched to another doctor.

When I investigated on the internet I found out about Serenity. I used it for over 4 months and then my new doctor did a D&C. She said we will try it but 95% of the cases are the same – but maybe we will have a miracle.

Well, we did – my cells were all 100% normal.

So I am very grateful to Serenity for Women.

I would have had an unnecessary operation if I had not investigated and took charge of my own health.

And by the way, I always put my situations in God’s hands and this was an answer to my prayers.


Sheila S.
Van Nuys,
California, USA

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