Serenity Organics
BioIdentical Progesterone Cream

Serenity Progesterone Creams have always been formulated with American-made Progesterone and are the only creams that do not contain Chinese progesterone.  In addition to being a 10x larger particle size than American-made progesterone, there have been contamination issues in the past 25 years with Chinese progesterone.

Dr. John Lee, pioneer of progesterone cream therapy, stated: “…American-made progesterone is the purest form of Pharmaceutical progesterone in the world.

Serenity Organics Ingredients: the Enhancements:

  • No Chinese Progesterone
  • Serenity Organics contain only certified non-GMO ingredients.
  • Serenity Organics ingredients are all plant-based, ergo, petro-chemical free.
  • >95% of the ingredients are either USDA certified Organic or Eco-Cert Approved.

& As If That is Not Enough…

  • The water in Serenity Organics is is de-ionized & highly purified by  a commercial reverse osmosis system.  This pure, mineral-free water assures optimal delivery of the active ingredient, progesterone, and a bacteria-free cream!
  • The preservative is Geo-Gard Ultra.  This is the mildest, yet still very effective, preservative, also Eco-Cert approved.
  • Each batch is meticulously hand-crafted in small quantities, ensuring you of the freshest possible cream (some progesterone creams may be two years old, or more, by the time they are delivered to you).
  • Select the convenient Hygienic Travel Tube and/or our most popular Airless Compression Jar (dispenses “just the right amount”)

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